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How we control the QUALITY?

Issuing time:2020-12-05 14:31

With over 8 years' manufacturing experiences in electronics. We won good reputation in this line due to the good quality control.

1.Incoming raw material randon check. The QC will check each lot when different raw materials arraives at our warehouse, makre sue all material are OK before assembly.

2.100% finished products check. In each assemly line there are 2-3 QC to check the outlook appearance and functions.

3.Packed goods random check. After all good finished QC will do random check, to open the carton check the packaging, housing and functions.

4.Life test. All product need to do life test to makre sure the functions are stable and reach to the requirement customers required.

5.When the new product come to the assembly line for the 1st time, the engineer will stay at the line when assembly starts to check the assembly, to test the functions so can make sure mass production will be no problem.

6.ROHS complaince. For all ROHS order, we need to test all the raw materials before mass production, to make sure all materials can pass ROHS.

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